2018 IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communication Engineering Technology
18-20 August 2018 – Beijing, China

Lastst News

August 24, 2018. CCET2018 conference ended successfully. Thanks for your participation. Look forward to the next time with your cooperation! (Click to download group photo)

July 27, 2018. CCET2018 conference simple program tentative is available. (Click to download)

July 12, 2018. Prof. Yonghui Huang's speech is about Space Avionics Technology and speech abstract is available now. (Click)

May 31, 2018. CCET2018 conference has been available in IEEE conference list. (Click)

March 8, 2018. CCET2018 conference is announced in the website of NCUT. (Click)

Jan. 9, 2018. Welcome Prof. Dr. Xu Huang from University of Canberra, Australia to attend CCET2018 conference and deliver the Keynote Speech and the speech is on Neuroimaging Conjunction with Machine Learning for Applications of fNIRS for Human Pain. Fore more information, please click here.

Dec. 1, 2017. CCET 2018 will be held in North China University of Technology (NCUT) during August 18-20, 2018. CCET2018 将于2018年8月18-20日在北方工业大学举办.